Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Funny Man

All he wanted was to be loved,  to make people laugh, he could do that,  at least someone was happy .

It didn't matter that inside he hurt, his head full of terrible thoughts, his days spent alone in his bed, wanting and waiting for it all to end.

In front of everyone,  he laughed and joked with them,  not a care in the world,  just the crazy man they adored. Nobody knew his demons,  the darkness that lay silently within him, slowly choking him to death.

Drugs came and went,  alcohol too, even those were treated with his insane humour, "Gods way of telling you, you have too much money " was how he described his battle with cocaine.

Eventually the hurt became too much,  life so unbearable that he couldn't hold on any longer,  his demons finally had their victory.

Shock waves crossed the world,  TV news flashed huge breaking news banners across the screen "Funny Man Dies " and rushed to find anyone who had ever seen him on stage or screen to be his "friend " and tell everyone how they knew he was struggling with his despair.  Telling the camera, instead of being by his side as his friend.

In twenty four hours,  he'll no longer be the funny man,  but the forgotten man, resigned to the archives, his movies churned out on networks across the world as a "tribute" to his talent.

The demons may have won,  but he won't be forgotten,  not just the funny man, but a great one too.


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